Welcome to The Money Post!

You may know the site by its former name Women & Money Magazine. We chose to change the name to give it a more initimate, community vibe. But you’ll find the same type of content geared toward women and our unique challenges (though our articles are great for men too!), as well as helping you create your richest life. You’ll also continue to find the posts from financial planners that you’ve come to enjoy. 

Also, our focus on money mindset and psychology will continue since we know the huge gap between what we know and what we do isn’t always about dollars. As money expert Tim Maurer likes to say, personal finance is more personal than finance. 

That’s the type of information you’ll find here–earning, saving and spending strategies with a large focus on psychology/mindset, and the research behind it. The goal is to challenge your perceptions and share strategies and tools to help you:

•                Feel good about money.

•                Understand money and your relationship to it.

•                Grow your net worth.

•                Achieve greater success in all you do.

•                Navigate finances in daily life.

•                Strive toward your potential, so you can make the positive impact you want.

We each have the power to thrive, and not simply survive. We can all have, be and do more for ourselves and the world around us. I hope the info and tools you find here will help you move beyond your obstacles, pursue your goals in a bigger way, and create a life and career you love.

To your health, happiness and prosperity,



Robyn Post, Founder & Editor

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Robyn Post is the founder of Wealth From Within™ coaching and consulting. Educated as a financial planner, she leverages science-based research and tools (and the wisdom of yoga) to help people live richer lives. Robyn is a former wealth management practice columnist for Reuters, and business owner. Her work has appeared at Time.com, Huffington Post, Forbes WomanParade, Philadelphia, Men’s Health, Details, Cosmopolitan and other regional and national magazines. She’s co-author of the New York Times bestseller Brothers in Battle, Best of Friends: Two WWII Paratroopers From the Original Band of Brothers Tell Their Story



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