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The Mighty Few

  I admit, fashion can seem like a superficial topic. It almost feels silly to talk about it in any serious way. But the truth is, what you wear does affect how you feel...


Spend on This, Not That

  This post originally appeared at NBC Today show money correspondent, Jean Chatzky’s blog at   Think about how much cash you throw away each year on items you rarely—if ever—use. And how many...


Should You Join a Credit Union?

Membership in a credit union can provide many financial benefits, but before you consider one, you might have questions about these less-than-familiar entities. Maybe you’ve wondered what exactly they are and how they compare...

Our Favorite Planning Guides for 2012 0

Our Favorite Planning Guides for 2012

Sometimes you just need a little kick to get organized.  Here are step-by-step guides from two of our favorite experts. From David Bach,  author of the Finish Rich series: Your Financial Action Plan for...


Making Money But Can’t Seem to Save?

Even if you know the principles of personal finance inside out, how you think and feel about money and what you feel you “deserve” ultimately determines your financial success. “Those emotions are responsible for...

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