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Get confident and in control of your money.

Money shouldn’t be the obstacle that keeps you from reaching your heart and soul goals. It should be the tool that helps you get there.


No matter how smart or successful we are in other areas of our lives, getting our money organized can elude us. And it happens for so many reasons. For one, we can feel pulled in so many directions, we end up winging it with the important stuff. At the same time, finances can seem complicated an overwhelming. And even when we try to change, our longtime habits and patterns can hold us back.

As your coach/mentor, I can show you that money doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. And that you can no only become the boss of your money, but shift your relationship with money altogether and maybe actually enjoy it! I can help you take consistent, purposeful action toward your most meaningful goals, encourage you forward and help you be accountable as you shift your relationship with money, build your financial foundation and use your money as a tool to create the life you really want.

Coaching With Me

As a financial coach, journalist and entrepreneur educated in financial planning, I offer coaching/training that is part money strategy, part mindset and 100% tailored to you. I bring in a blend of science and the wisdom of yoga to help you think differently about money, get clarity on your life goals, craft a plan, set up systems and start incorporating more of what you love into your life as you build a more solid foundation.

I offer one-on-one coaching by phone (spaces limited), group coaching, and online workshops. Check out my coaching options here and be sure to get on my mailing list to be first to learn when free trainings, group coaching or workshops open up. I would love to work with you to help you reach your financial goals.


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