Free Money Classes


Free Classes/Online Learning


Delaware Money School

Free online learning-  University of Idaho

University of Idaho (free access to full semester course in personal finance)

Investing for Your Future (free online course from University of Idaho and Rutgers University

Family Finance 2005 (free online course, Utah State University)

National Financial Education Network

Money Smart  (free course on CD by FDIC, for ages 12-20. Order CD here)

Money Smart  (free podcast by FDIC)

Your Life, Your Money (1-hour video from PBS)

America Saves: (Free tools, savings services, advice and resources that help Americans from every income level)

Money Skill (online financial literacy course by the AFSA Education Foundation)

My Money (government site with lots of info and tools. Also has a women’s section).

My Money Circles (Free online boot camp and support community led by experts in personal finance)

Practical Money Skills  (free DVDs/CDs and materials here )

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